Definitions for "Scope statement"
A statement of how much content the Web site will cover.
The scope statement should include, either directly or by reference to other documents: Project justification--the business need that the project was undertaken to ad-dress. The project justification provides the basis for evaluating future trade-offs. Project product--a brief summary of the product description Project deliverables--a list of the summary level sub-products whose full and satisfactory delivery marks completion of the project. For example, the major deliverables for a software development project will include the working computer code, a user manual, and full documentation. Project objectives--the quantifiable criteria that must be met for the project to be considered successful. Project objectives should include: cost, schedule, and quality measures. Unquantified objectives (e.g., customer satisfaction) entail high risk as you can never prove you met them.
document ed description of the project output or deliverables. [D01827] PMK87 A summary description of the project measurable product s, intermediate or end-item s, or deliverables. [D01828] CCCP