Definitions for "Feasibility"
The extent to which an evaluation is appropriate and practical for implementation.
The degree to which an objective is amenable to solution with predictable resources and risk.
Likelihood of being successfully completed.
Whether a project can be accomplished by achieving a reasonable balance of the project needs and objectives with the resources required to support and achieve them.
Addresses the issue whether the project/ programme objectives can be really achieved.
The capability of a project or development to be accomplished in a successful manner within a reasonable time.
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the quality of being doable
A measure of how beneficial the development of an information system would be to an organization. Feasibility analysis matrix. This complements the candidate systems matrix with an analysis and ranking of the candidate systems
The quality of being feasible; practicability; also, that which is feasible; as, before we adopt a plan, let us consider its feasibility.
how practical or possible something is
A detailed investigation into the practicality of something or the possible results of various actions.
Measure of how suitable the development of a system will be to the company. Feasibility is tested using these criteria: operational feasibility, schedule feasibility, technical feasibility, and economic feasibility. 14.6 Feasibility assessment, 14.6-7 Feasibility report, 14.14
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production standards
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See System Feasibility.