Definitions for "Pilot study"
A preliminary study, generally of modest scale.
A small scale study carried out before the main one to check feasibility of data collection methods.
A preliminary study with fewer subjects and/or simplified methods. Researchers conduct a pilot study to inform the design and conduct of a planned experiment
a dress referral of the full project, including the questionnaire, the interviewers, and all other aspects
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a smaller/cheaper/easier one you do to crack off, open the bidding, see what you find, before you do a bigger one, which you may or may not go on to do, depending on your results
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a first look to test an idea
a focused test to prove the utility of GIS within a local government
a filter service to establish design parameters for a future filtration system or develop filter optimization solutions for an existing filtration process
in the development of an information system, the institution of the new system in only one part of an organization; when that portion of the organization is satisfied with the system, the rest of the organization then starts using it
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an essential first step