Definitions for "Keypad"
A device that controls the functions of an ALARM SYSTEM and can act as both an INPUT DEVICE and an OUTPUT DEVICE. The entry of a numeric code sequence will determine the response of the ALARM SYSTEM. It usually consists of a numeric keypad modelled after the standard telephone touchpad.
Generally refers to all hard buttons on a remote control, or more specifically the numeric keypad (0 through 9). See also: jog shuttle, transport, joystick, rocker buttons, backlight, soft buttons.
The ten-key number pad on the keyboard.
A type of controller used with X10 and other types of home automation systems. Keypads can be connected to your home wiring or use RF signalling. Some keypads can be programmed, whereas others provide simple on/off/dim commands. Lamp module: A type of home automation module that supports incandescent lighting, including dimming. Not designed for use with motors, appliances, fluorescent lights or other types of electrical devices.
A component, usually wall mounted, in a multi-zone system which allows a person to remotely control volume, source, and other aspects for the zone they are in.
a common type of access control giving the flexibility to provide different codes that can be changed one at a time
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A rubber sheet that contains one or more keytops.