Definitions for "Ppd"
purified protein derivative. the type of tuberculin used in the Mantoux skin test
purified protein derivative; this is a small amount of material that is placed under the skin and 2-3 days later it is observed and measured for hardness; if it is hard and measures more than 10 mm (1 centimeter or a little less than 1/2 inch) than the person may have been exposed to tuberculosis (TB)
a test for tuberculosis. A positive result means you have been exposed and should be treated, but it does not mean you have the disease.
PostScript Printer Description. A file that contains printer specific information for PostScript printer drivers. Required when installing a PostScript driver, even you do not have a printer
POSTSCRIPT PRINTER DESCRIPTION. A file which describes a particular type of PostScript printer. This file tells an application what kind of printer it is, what its resolution is, whether it can print color, what paper sizes it can handle, and other features of the printer. Whenever you print a file to a PostScript printer, you must select the proper PPD to ensure that the program you are using communicates with the printer correctly.
An automated consumer payment application, usually in the context of a standing obligation, which debits or credits the consumer's account at their financial institution to satisfy that obligation. Examples of PPD transactions are Direct Deposit of payroll, Direct Payment of charitable contributions and so forth.
An automated consumer payment application, which carries additional information about the transaction in the single attached addenda record.
Prearranged Payment or Deposit, an ACH transaction format, usually initiated in the context of a standing obligation (e.g.: club dues) that debits/credits a consumer’s account on a regular basis to satisfy the obligation.
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Partido Por la Democracia
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Prepaid Charges.
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Expresses the protective power against dark pigmentation obtained with UVAs. The same measurement principle as for the SPF. It is evaluated using the official method recommended by European and American regulations (2 mg of product per 1 cm²) The MPD (Minimum Pigmentation Dose) is the minimum dose of UVA needed to obtained perceptible brown pigment. Measurement is made 2 hours after exposure.
post-partum depression
Post-Philippine Depression. You will know EXACTLY what this is after you leave from your vacation.
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Packet Processing Delay is the amount of time required for each peer to process the maximum amount of data buffered in their offered receive packet window. The PPD is the value exchanged between the LAC and LNS when a call is established. For the LNS, this number should be small. For an LAC supporting modem connections, this number could be significant.
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personal protective device. See SN personal protective equipment (PPE). SN individual protective device (IPD)
Providing electronic Payments automatic Drafts
Primary Point Digitization. A proprietary (Roper Scientific) method of implementing electronic circuitry in high-performance CCD cameras to reduce read noise.
"Published Price to Dealer" = the record company's official list price to retailers (see also "RRP").
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Point Per Dart - The system for averaging the points that a player throws each dart in an '01 game. The higher the PPD, the better the player. It is calculated by total points scored divided by the number of actual darts thrown.
Performance Planning and Development, a system for improving performance of department employes based on joint supervisor-employe planning and emphasizing results and opportunities for staff development.
A type of traffic management in which the switch discards all the remaining cells of a frame if some cells have already been discarded due to congestion; used to minimize congestion and frame loss.
This document is created by the Product Manager, in consultation with the sponsor. After completion, it goes to the Product Portfolio Manager, who reviews it and submits it to the Technology Projects Office.
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Plasma Panel Display
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peak-to-peak differential
Practice and Professional Development
Personal and Professional Development
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pounds per day (1 ppd = 18.9 g/hr = 0.45 kg/day = 0.0189 kg/hr)
Permanent Partial Disability
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Plant population density
200 656