Definitions for "PDF document"
Keywords:  adobe, acrobat, ecf, portable, txt
a document in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)
a proprietary file format by Adobe used to electronically package everything from photographs, graphics, documents, and more
a type of electronic file that can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader
Keywords:  textual, unlike, accurate, errors, html
an accurate copy of the original, unlike HTML and some other full-text versions, which, because they are often re-keyed versions of the original text, can contain textual errors
a collection of objects with structural information in a self-contained series of bytes
a self-contained, cross-platform document
Keywords:  abstraction, thing, layers
a many layered thing, that is, it has many layers of abstraction
a collection of ' content s', not necessarily in any particular order, with a catalog that allows them to be looked up when needed