Definitions for "PSD"
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A file format created and read by PhotoShop.
hoto hop ocuments. The file extension for documents created and saved in Adobe Photoshop as layered images, which makes editing different parts of an image at a later date far easier.
Adobe Photoshop's internal file format. See PSD
Parti Socialiste Destourien
The Talossan Social Democratic Party. PSD stands for "Parti Sociál Democrätic," which is the Talossan language version of the name.
Personal and Social Development
Defra Pesticides Safety Directorate
Pesticides Safety Directorate, an Executive Agency of MAFF. The Directorate monitors and licenses all pesticides for safety and effectiveness, and operates strict follow-up controls over their supply and use.
Pesticides Safety Directorate (UK)
Power-Split Device, the planetary gear set which divides power between the ICE and the two electric motor-generators, also functions as the continuously-variable transmission.
Plastic Sphere Dispenser. Device installed, but jettisonable, in a helicopter, which injects glycol into a plastic sphere containing potassium permanganate, which is then expelled from the machine and aircraft. This produces an exothermic reaction resulting in ignition of fuels on the ground for prescribed or wildland fire applications. see also: Aerial Ignition Device; Delayed Aerial Ignition Devices; Helitorch; Ping-Pong Ball System
a tool, device or weapon intended to prevent, discourage, interrupt
Prevetion of Significant Deterioration
Prevention of Significant Deterioration
Property Services Division
Printing Systems Division - Responsible for the processing of relocation services contracts.
Pupil Support Division
personnel service detachment
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Power spectral density
Pore Size Distribution. See Pore Structure.
Particle Size Distribution. Refers to the number fraction or weight fraction of particles (in a fluid) falling into specified size ranges. For instance: Size Range# per Liter% by Number (PSD) 5-15 µm 1000 20 15-25 µm 3000 60 25-50 µm 1000 20
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Pulse Sequence Diagrams
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Policy & Strategic Direction
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Post-Source Decay
Packet Switched Data
Protection Switching Duration
Project Submission Document
Photo Shop Document
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program service data; the updated name for PAD
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Private Sector Development
Professional Standards Department