Definitions for "Portable Document Format"
Keywords:  acrobat, adobe, pdf, reader, postscript
The "Portable Document Format" was developed by Adobe in order to be able to display texts with images the same way on different computer systems.
n. A standard specified by Adobe Systems, Incorporated, for the electronic distribution of documents. PDF files are compact; can be distributed globally via e-mail, the Web, intranets, or CD-ROM; and can be viewed with the Acrobat Reader, which is software from Adobe Systems that can be downloaded at no cost from the Adobe Systems home page.
A file format created by Adobe Systems to transfer computer documents from one computer to another without type or graphics problems. Pages are laid out using a conventional page layout program, and then converted to PDF files. The resulting PDF files can be printed, viewed on the World Wide Web, and transferred from computer to computer, even across PLATFORMS and regardless of whether the proper fonts are installed on all the computers.
enables the reading or printing of the transcriptions from Gunston Hall Plantation's website.