Definitions for "Metafile"
Keywords:  wmf, asx, vector, wpg, ncgm
A file that contains or defines other files. Many operating systems use metafiles to contain directory information about other files on a given storage device.
A file containing information that describes or specifies another file. Some streaming media formats use metafiles to invoke the client media player and/or to specify the location of a streaming file on a media server.
In a Windows Media Technologies system, a text file that contains information, for media content. Windows Media Services use three kinds of metafiles: .asd file metafiles, .asx file metafiles, and .nsc file metafiles.
a collection of GDI commands stored in a binary form
a record-and-playback mechanism that stores the details of GDI drawing calls
a recording of a sequence of GDI commands that you can play back later
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a sort of audit trail, which specifies a sequence of Plotter operations
a description of a picture rather than a digital representation of it
a picture with a transparent background capable to be scaled to any size without quality loss
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a collection of elements