Definitions for "STL"
The STL format is the de facto file format for triangles in the rapid prototyping arena. It is also often the best file-transfer mechanism for polygon information in general. This format was introduced by 3D Systems, Inc. to provide an interface to their stereo lithography machines.
Certificate Trust List CAD Software Solid Modeling/Prototyping File
The standard file format for all rapid prototyping processes. The extension stands for STereoLithography but the format applies to all major rapid prototyping technologies.
Submerged Turret Loading - System consisting of a submerged and moored buoy which can be pulled into the bottom of a tanker. The loading hose runs through the buoy to a rotating connector, which allows ship to "weathervane" freely around the anchor point, remaining "bows-on" to wind and waves.
Submerged Turret Loading. A single point mooring system where the buoy is submerged in the water when the system is not in use.
tudio to ransmitter ink. Used by TV and radio stations to carry program material from the studio to a remote station transmitter location. Monitoring of these frequencies is prohibited under ECPA.
Studio-to-Transmitter-Link, the radio system that conveys programming material from a studio to a transmitter site
Studio-to-Transmitter Links, which carry a TV station's audio and video from the studio to broadcast tower, can be microwave or fiber.
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An abbreviation for Snout Tail Length. This is one of the most common ways to measure an iguana's size. It indicates total length, including the tail. A more accurate measurement of size is Snout Vent Length or SVL (see below).
The length of the longest spinnaker pole, whisker pole or bowsprit measured on or near the centre line of the boat from the forward face of the mast tube to the extremity of the spinnaker pole, whisker pole or bowsprit, or the horizontal length from the forward face of the mast tube at deck level to the spinnaker tack point on deck projected vertically as necessary, whichever is the greatest.
Snout to Tail Length. This means you are measuring from the tip of your reptiles nose to the tip of it's tail.
Standard Two Letter (code designation for airlines).
the Standard Template Library: part of the draft C++ standard albeit in a modified form
The Standard Template Library. [ Standard Templates
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The Team ID for the St Louis Rams.
St. Louis (Lambert) MO
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Acronym for lower han ight.
seasonally thawed layer. the active layer in permafrost areas.
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Slower Than Light (as opposed to FTL).
Safeguards termination limit. Concentrations of plutonium in materials (by weight percent), above which the material would be attractive as a source of plutonium.
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Systems Technology Lab
The reduction of the amount of sound energy passing through a wall, floor, roof, etc. It is related to the specific frequency at which it is measured and it is expressed in decibels. Also called "Transmission Loss."