Definitions for "EMF"
Electro-magnetic field
the electrostatic potential difference between the terminals of a circuit or battery when no current is flowing. Also called electromotive force.
(pronounced "ee em eff") a physical quantity which describes the ability of an electrical source to deliver energy. You can also think of it as the property of the source which creates current in a circuit. Derived from the nineteenth century term " lectro otive orce" which is ok (pronounced "okay") as far as the electromotive bit goes, but it is not a force as we define force now. The emf of a battery is responsible for producing a potential difference between the battery's terminals. If the battery is not connected to anything else, that potential difference is equal to the emf. The SI unit is the volt, symbol V. [Not to be confused with lectro agnetic ield which the popular press sometimes refers to as EMF.
EMF (Enhanced MetaFile) and raw are terms for simultaneous peripheral operations online file formats used in printing by the Windows operating system. When a print job is sent to the printer, if it is already printing another file, the computer reads the new file and stores it, usually on the hard disk or in memory, for printing at a later time. Spooling allows multiple print jobs to be given to the printer at one time.
An MS-Windows nhanced etafile is like an ordinary CGM metafile but with extensions that make it specific to MS-Windows, and it will not work on most other machines without conversion.
Enhanced Metafile. A graphics file format, originated by Microsoft Corporation, that has many advantages over the older Windows metafiles ( WMF). Images in EMF format can be resized without distortion and loss of detail. Available for download for selected diagrams (e.g., subsystem and terminator diagrams). Many diagrams displayed on the National ITS Architecture CD-ROM and web site are actually in GIF format.
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To make back ups of many CDs, the writer you choose will have to be able to write regular bit patterns, which means the writer has to produce the same patterns. It uses a so-called 'EFM Encoder' for this. Regular bit patterns go through the EFM Encoder and are converted to a smaller value by converting bits to bytes (8 bit = 1 byte) in a pre-determined way. Protection schemes such as Safedisc 2 operate by trying to overload the EFM Encoder of the writer using ten sector groups, which causes the CDRW drive to lose synch and write the wrong (irregular) bit patterns.
EMF were a British indie dance band that came to prominence at the end of the 1980s and the early 1990s. The band came from the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. Their first single, "Unbelievable" was a Number one hit on the U.S.
Environmental Management Facility. Extramural funds
Eclipse Modeling Framework. An open-source framework based on Eclipse that targets MDA development by providing facilities such as customizable graphical editors and Eclipse plug-ins.
Environmental Management Facility. Express Card
Electromagnetic filtration
Electromagnetic Fields
electromagnetic field
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Eastern Michaud Flats
Refers to Morgan Stanley's Emerging Markets Free index. it reflects stocks in 26 emerging market countries.
Essential Functions Determination Worksheet
A form of radiation given off by all electrical devices. Most notably for computer users, CRT computer monitors used to give off potentially dangerous...
Exceptional entertainment expenses