Definitions for "PRN"
Pseudo-random Noise - A digital signal which appears to be randomly distributed like noise, but is actually not random. Each NAVSTAR satellite has its own code.
Pseudorandom Noise
The seudo andom oise refers to a code that is is apparently random although it has been generated by means of a known process, hence the repeatability of the code indicate by the prefix pseudo random. Each GNSS satellite has its PRN number. pseudo-random code This is a signal with random-noise like properties.
1. Print file - temporary 2. XyWrite printer driver 3. PostScript file
Printer driver XyWrite
The file extension placed on comma delimited files by some programs (such as Lotus 1-2-3).
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pararenal tissue
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Princeton University
Packaging Recovery Note - shorthand for Packaging Waste Recovery Notes
Packaging recovery note. a certificate to prove the recovery or recycling of an amount of packaging. PRNs enable obligated companies to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 1997
Provides physicians in the ambulatory setting with patient-specific medication history and pharmacy benefit information at the point of care, thus giving the physician the ability to write an informed prescription.
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administered as needed (from the Latin pro re nata).
use as needed
Plaque reduction neutralisation
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As necessary.
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as required