Definitions for "Equalization"
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Adjusting the frequency response so that the levels of all frequencies are equal or the same. Bass and treble controls are equalization controls.
Technique used to compensate for communications channel distortions.
Changing the frequency response of a given audio signal by adjusting the amplitude of the signal usually in an effort to achieve a flatter frequency response.
The process of mixing the electrolyte in batteries (accomplished by the bubbling of the electrolyte) by periodically overcharging the batteries for a short time.
A controlled overcharge that restores all cells in a battery to 100% state of charge. (SOC)
The process of restoring all cells in a battery to an equal state-of-charge. For lead-acid batteries, this is a charging process designed to bring all cells to 100% state-of- charge. Some battery types may require a complete discharge as a part of the equalization process.
A monetary allowance to the customer for picking up or delivering at a point other than the destination shown on the bill of lading. This provision is covered by tariff publication.
Money alloted to the customer if the goods are picked up at a destination other than the one named on the bill of lading.
In transportation, a money allowance given the customer if the transport company picks up the goods at origin points or delivers them to destination points other than those named on the bill of lading.
The comparison and adjustment of the assessed value of property to better conform with real value for taxation purposes. The process is supervised by the county board of equalization.
The process by which an appropriate governmental body attempts to ensure that all property within its jurisdiction is assessed at the same assessment ratio.
the process for making adjustments to taxable property values within a county by analyzing the relationships between assessed values and fair cash values in one or more use categories within the county or between counties by analyzing the relationship between assessed value and fair cash value in each county.
a form of preemphasis on recording, and deemphasis on playback
a specification for the correct playback of vinyl records , established by the Recording Industry Association of America
At the very beginning of a Chess game White has a little advantage; also his objective is to preserve this advantage to even increase it. A contrario the goal of Black is to diminish this little difference. If Black succeeds in this enterprise one says that he has equalized. Then there is equalization (Chess Practice - Classical Chess Theory). - Es
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See Reconditioning.
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See histogram modification
An image processing technique where the range of tones or colours in an image file are expanded in order to produce a more pleasing image.
Image-processing technique in which the range of tones or colors in a file are expanded to produce a better image.
the act of forcing air into an open space to offset increasing hydrostatic pressure.
the act of making equal or uniform
A means of providing more uniform flow rate and composition of a water supply by use of a reservoir that receives water from a pump or treatment system, evens out the incoming flow variation, and permits temporary water withdrawal in excess of the pump or treatment system capacity.
The result of circulation and diffusion within the cell which accompanies charge and discharge. Difference in capacity at various rates is caused by the time required for this feature.
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Any of several methods that tie anchors together in such a way that they share a load equally
Equalization refers to the process by which the variations in moisture content within and between boards a reduced.
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See Cable equalization
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The act of equalizing, or state of being equalized.