Definitions for "assessor"
A public official who performs assessments.
One appointed or elected to assist a judge or magistrate with his special knowledge of the subject to be decided; as legal assessors, nautical assessors.
One appointed to assess persons or property for the purpose of taxation.
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an NVQ tutor who visits candidates regularly to help you complete your NVQ portfolio (or file) and guide you as to the best evidence to collect from your job
an NVQ tutor who visits the candidate regularly to help them complete their NVQ portfolio (or file) and guide them as to the best evidence to collect from their job
Someone who judges the candidate's performance against the national NVQ standards and guides them through the NVQ programme. The Assessor is the candidate's, closest ally in completing their NVQ.
A person appointed by an approved center to assess an individuals' evidence against the requirements of a vocational qualification.
A person who has the necessary skills and knowledge to make the decision about whether a person seeking assessment is competent or not yet competent against a national competency standard.
An officer responsible for conducting assessment activities in the VET sector. An assessor must be qualified in the nominated competencies specified in the Australian Qualifications Training Framework (AQTF) standards in order to conduct assessment activities.
Similar to a loss adjuster, the main difference being loss assessor is intstructed by an an insurance broker or agent and works on behalf of the insured whereas a loss adjuster works on behalf of an insurer.
The person who performs the assessment process on behalf of the assessee
Similar to a Loss Adjuster (see below) but may just do Motor Claims and is not necessarily independent and is not a member of the Institute of Loss Adjusters.
Experienced referees who observe your game and provide both written and verbal feedback to you, so you may better your referee skills. Assessors also provide a report to the state to assist in evaluating your ability.
User that has been formally licensed or otherwise approved by the Board to perform Referee Assessments.
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Judicial Advisor.
an expert who calculates the value of property
An independent expert who reviews the application and associated evidence.
a person who evaluates the assessment evidence presented by learners. (See also registered assessor) Back to A-Z menu
One who sits by another, as next in dignity, or as an assistant and adviser; an associate in office.
Person responsible for quality assurance of Threshold applications for teachers.
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a person qualified to carry out assessment.
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The agency charged with assessments against real estate.