Definitions for "Reassessment"
A renewed or second assessment.
The revaluation of property for ad valorem tax purposes. recapture rate: The rate at which an equity investment will be recouped over the life of the investment; the return of investment capital.
A changed assessment for a child whose family is already receiving CCB by fee reduction.
a request for recalculation of your student loan because the information on your original application is incorrect and has to be changed (e
A request to make changes to the original loan document.
a non-regulatory effort, it could serve as the basis for future regulatory decisions regarding controls on dioxin risks
a new appraisal or evaluation
The establishment of a new Base Year Value for property, equal to its Full Cash Value when it changes ownership in accordance with Prop. 13. Certain changes in ownership are specifically excluded from reassessment.
a further opportunity granted under specified conditions, for an enrolled student to demonstrate competence in learning outcomes of a unit standard or course.
A grade given for an initial mark of 30-39%. On modules studied up to and including 2003-2004. From 2004-2005, the entitlement has been widened to 20-39%. The Field Examination Board will specify what elements are required. Successful completion earns a maximum mark of 40%.