Definitions for "Teachers"
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Teachers in charter schools are, by state law, required to meet the same certification standards as those in other public schools. Period.
Teachers was a British television comedy-drama produced by Channel 4. The series had many subtle as well as obvious jokes and followed a group of secondary school teachers as they showed themselves to be just as immature as their students.
Teachers is a 1984 comedy/drama film starrring Nick Nolte, Jo Beth Williams, Ralph Macchio, and Judd Hirsch,written by W.R. Mc Kinney and directed by Arthur Hiller.
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One of the most popular brands of blended Scotch whisky, noted for its smooth, mellow and dry, heathery flavor. See Scotch Whisky; See Blended Whisky; See Liquor Quik Essences - Scotch Whisky See Liquor Quik Products[] Tennessee Whiskey A type of whisky that is produced like Bourbon, but which is mellowed before being stocked in barrels. It has thus a smoky sweetness, and is considered by law as a separate category of whiskey See Liquor Quik Products See Liquor Quik Essences - Southern Whiskey
Some look for teachers among the ancient and modern philosophers and other gurus. Piers' teachers are mostly young children, the elderly and the intellectually or socially challenged - anyone whose innocent vision of reality is unencumbered by the need to express a particular point of view, defend a particular interest, project a particular image, play a particular part. See also messengers, supporters.
a credit union with head office in WASHINGTON, PA Washington banks Banks and credit unions licensed to operate in the State of Washington
The second office in the Aaronic Priesthood.
The retirement system established by chapter 238, F.S., closed to new members upon creation of the FRS , effective December 1, 1970.