Definitions for "FRS"
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Family Radio Service; a class of small handheld, low power two-way radios (walkie-talkie -like), common in Canada and the US and operable without a license, and commonly used for airsoft on-field communications.
Federal Reserve System. A U.S. system established by the Federal Serve Act of 1913 to regulate the U.S. monetary and banking system. The main functions of the FRS are to supervise the printing of currency, regulate the national money supply, set reserve requirements, examine member banks to ensure they meet various regulations, and act as a clearinghouse for the transfer of funds throughout the banking system.
amily adio ervice. A low-power personal radio service authorized by the FCC in 1998. FRS operates on "splinter" frequencies in between regular GMRS channels.
Fleet Replacement Squadron. A designated Navy squadron providing further training for newly designated Naval Aviators and Flight Officers. IFR - Instrument Flight Rules. Rules governing the procedures for conducting instrument flight. Meteorological conditions defined by FAA orders under which special flight rules apply.
Fleet Replenishment Squadron (USN); also: Fighter Reconnaissance Strike (UK)
Financial Report Standing
Financial Records System, the current 30-year old system in Finance to be replaced by the IAS Project.
Frame Relay System
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RSSD number RSSD number
A connection oriented service that is capable of carrying up to 4096 bytes per frame.
Fisheries Research Services (Scottish Executive)
See File Replication Service.
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Fellow of the Royal Society
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Fuel Recovery Surcharge.
WordPerfect Graphics Driver (file name extension)
Farm Retirement Scheme
Florida Retirement System
Functional Requirements Specification
Functional Requirements Specifications
Functional Requirement Specification
Specifies source floating-point register of stored data.