Definitions for "IFR"
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In Flight Refueling.
nstrument light ules. Visibility is too poor for reliance on seeing landmarks for navigation. Pilots must rely on instruments to maintain proper course and aircraft orientation (preferably upright). To fly IFR a pilot must have additional training and the appropriate endorsement on his license. The FAA requires that all flights within the airspace of certain major airports operate IFR regardless of weather conditions. (see VFR)
The system under which pilots fly by reference to the instruments, possibly in clouds and bad weather, under the direction of air traffic controllers. It requires a airplane to have certain equipment and the pilot to have an instrument rating.
International Finals Rodeo
( Internationale Föderation für Rottweiler-Freunde) — International organization of Rottweiler's Friends; was founded in Germany (1960), first congress had happened in Essen in May, 1960. IFR program goal is creating conditions for meetings, exchange of experience, ideas and knowledge between Rottweilers' friends all over the world.
Integral Fast Reactor. A type of reactor based on a closed fuel cycle at the site. The key to this design is that the plutonium fission product never occurs in a pure form. This feature is considered proliferation-resistant. Developed by the Argonne National Laboratory.
This isophthalic polyester resin formulation is designed for industrial and chemical processing applications where corrosion resistance is important. Color: green or dark gray. Flame Spread: ASTM rating of 20 or less. IFR is also available in a UL Classified resin formulation.
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Institute of Food Research. BBSRC-sponsored research institute.
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Iron Fortified Rice