Definitions for "Proliferation"
The continuous development of cells in tissue formation; cell formation.
Cell cycle kinetics, reproduction or multiplication of a cell.
Rapid and repeated production of new parts (as in a mass of cells by a rapid succession of cell divisions).
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a new shoot that may (or may not) form on the daylily scape
a tiny plant that is forming on the scape
In order to prevent the "proliferation" of spirituous liquor licenses, the Department may protest, and the BOARD may deny a license to a business on the grounds that such business is inappropriate for the sale of spirituous liquor. An inappropriate business is one that cannot clearly demonstrate that the sale of spirituous liquor is directly connected to its PRIMARY PURPOSE. ARS 4-201(H)
The stimulation of connective tissue repair using agents that increase growth factors at the site of injury. Dextrose is the safest and most used prolotherapy solution. When combined with procaine or lidocaine, dextrose has been demonstrated to induce the proliferation of fibroblasts to lay down new connective tissue in tendons and ligaments. It increases both the volume and tensile strength of tendons and ligaments.
Proliferation means to reproduce or increase rapidly and repeatedly.
The production of numerous zooids by budding, especially when buds arise from other buds in succession.