Definitions for "Progenitor cell"
An immature cell in the bone marrow which is responsible for producing mature blood cells.
An immature cell in the marrow that can be isolated by growing suspensions of marrow cells in culture dishes with added growth factors. Depending on the factors added, one can identify progenitors of each blood cell limeage by the appearance of the colonies of cells that proliferate from a single progenitor cell. Progenitor cells are referred to as colony-forming units or cells, CFU or CFC. The specific lineage is indicated by a suffix, such as CFU-E(erythrocytic), CFU-eo (eosinophilic), CFU-meg (megakaryocytic), etc. The progenitors mature into precursors that mature into blood cells.
Stem cell with more specialization and less differentiation potential than a totipotent stem cell