Definitions for "Cell line"
Cells of a single type taken from an animal or human and grown in the laboratory. cohort study - A research study that compares a particular outcome, such as lung cancer, in groups of individuals who are alike in many ways but differ by a certain characteristic - for example, female nurses who smoke compared with those who do not smoke.
Population of cells of plant or animal origin capable of dividing indefinitely in culture.
A population of cultured cells, of plant or animal origin, that has undergone a change allowing the cells to grow indefinitely, in contrast to a cell strain. Cell lines can result from chemical or viral transformation and are said to be immortal.
a human cortical neuronal line that was initiated from tissue excised from a young female patient whose treatment for intractable seizures included a hemispherectomy
A cell line, also called an embryonic stem cell line, refers to all cells that were created from a single stem cell. Similar to the way that family members can be traced back to one common ancestor, stem cells can be traced back to one original stem cell. These cells are then said to be one “cell line.” Cell lines can include many millions of identical cells and scientists believe these cells can divide and exist forever.
a grown and maintained in the favourable conditions (e
Cells which grow and replicate continuously outside the living organism.