Definitions for "Reactor"
A nuclear reactor.
A device in which a controlled nuclear chain reaction can be maintained, producing heat energy.
A vessel, container or tube that is used to carry out a chemical reaction. A cooking pot for example, or the catalyst-block in the car-exhaust.
A device, generally a single winding on an air core or an iron core, which produces a specific amount of inductive reactance for which it is designed.
an electrical device used to introduce reactance into a circuit
an induction device that has at least one winding and a magnetic flux
A reactor is an electrical device that applies only reactive load to a system.
One highly-aggressive reactive coverstock. Readily accepts both scuffing and polishing to achieve desired breakpoint.
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A choking coil.
One coil connected in series with the bulb.
a single coil of wire wound on an iron core, see Fig
a complete packaged plant for the maximising of gold recoveries from gravity gold concentrates
a high efficiency leaching system designed exclusively to handle the hig h-grade concentrates produced by Knelson Concentrators
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Havok software for use in discreet 3 D Studio Max.
a very hot and messy environment with lots of high energy particles moving around so I suspect that your photoelectric material would be damaged over time (assuming it was something more intricate than a chunk of metal)
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The core event-loop of a Twisted application. See Reactor Basics.
a function or program that reacts to some sort of event inside the computer system
a loop that monitors and responds to I/O events
a batch system
A U.V. curable unit consisting of U.V. lamp(s), reflectors, cooling system, and shielding. May also include the conveying system.
animal which gives a positive result (ie "reacts") to the tuberculin skin test.
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An isolated container, usually located near the sump, that performs a specific task such as increasing calcium or oxygen in the water.
A business-level strategy that characterizes inconsistent and unstable decision patterns.
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an object which wants to react after the handler has done its work