Definitions for "Inhibitor"
1. An agent that restrains or retards physiologic, chemical, or enzymatic action. 2. A substance that blocks, restricts, or interferes with a particular chemical reaction or other biologic activity.
A substance which slows down chemical reaction. Inhibitors are sometimes used in certain adhesives to prolong its life or storage.
A substance that interferes with the ability of the DNA polymerase to amplify nucleic acids. Heparin is an example of an inhibitor.
an antibody (part of your body's normal immune defenses) that forms in response to infusions of Factor VIII that prevents the Factor VIII from working properly
an immune system antibody response to medications (clotting factors) used to treat hemophilia and other bleeding disorders
An antibody that develops in direct response to infused clotting factor concentrates. As a result of this rare complication, standard treatment is temporarily made ineffective.
a barrier or obstacle to communication that should be avoided, circumvented, or removed from the witness's mind
Drastically reduces the corrosive effect of a product on metal.
A stimulus which signals that an event is not coming, and which thereby produces a response opposite to that ordinarily produced by the stimulus that is now signaled as not coming.