Definitions for "Reactive"
Having power to react; tending to reaction; of the nature of reaction.
one of four categories of hazardous waste; substances capable of changing into something else in the presence of other chemicals, usually violently or producing a hazardous by-product
A chemical that will undergo undesirable changes or reactions when heated, shocked, exposed to air, or mixed with other substances, (see INCOMPATIBLE).
Reactive controls are used to respond to undesirable events that have occurred.
Responding to events rather than initiating them A meta-program distinction.
(a) to act in opposition to a force or influence; (b) to react based on a irrational beliefs; (c) to have negative emotions; (d) to be in judgment about self, others or life
A name given to substance that, when introduced to other substances or molecules, react easily with them and cause the break-up of the original molecule.
in chemistry, the bond between to atoms that can be easily broken by other atoms.
Taking action after something happens: playing catch-up. In maintenance, it means you spend all your time on corrective maintenance rather than preventive.