Definitions for "Faraday's Law"
the principle saying that whenever wires are moved with an electrical current, it creates a magnetic field.(Course Material/EddyCurrents/Physics/inductance.htm)(Course Material/EddyCurrents/Physics/selfinductance.htm)
A wire in a changing magnetic field will have a current induced in it.
A statement of the relationship between the amount of product formed during electrolysis and the amount of electric current that passes through the electrolytic cell.
Keywords:  bmac, sinusoidal, gausses, flux, core
Defines the relationship of voltage and flux as: E = N [df/dt] x 10-8 For sinusoidal voltage conditions, it is written: E = 2.22 ft FN X 10-8 or E = 4.44 BmAc FN X 10-8 where, E = Voltage desired Bm = Flux density of material in gausses. t = Total flux capacity of core Ac = Effective core cross-sectional area F = Design frequency N = Number of turns ft = 2 Bm Ac