Definitions for "Electromagnetic Fields"
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EMF): Ordinary every day use of electricity produces magnetic and electric fields. These 60 Hertz fields (fields that go back and forth 60 times a second) are associated with electrical appliances, power lines and wiring in buildings.
A vector field of Electromagnetic energy. The Magnetic (H) and Electric (E) fields generated by any system of electric charges. A low current, high voltage, source will generate mainly an ELECTRIC FIELD. A high current, low voltage, source will generate mainly a MAGNETIC FIELD.
Electrical fields originating from the magnetic center of the earth.
EMR's] Produced by all electrical devices with capacitors in them. EMR's build up in the energy bodies causing fatigue, stress & eventually disease. They can be a precursor or contributor to chronic fatigue, suppressed immune systems & other debilitating illnesses etc. Clear effects from your system, & get permanent, effective shielding and relief. More....
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The electric forces emitted by power lines or other electrical devices.