Definitions for "Scuffing"
the raising of fibers on the surface of the paper as a result of rubbing against another sheet of paper or a rough surface
Abrasive wear in an engine due to localized welding and fracture of rubbing surfaces.
Abnormal engine wear due to localized welding and fracture. It can be prevented through the use of antiwear, extreme-pressure and friction modifier additives. See adhesion.
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Wearing in new tires by running a few laps on the race track. This heats up the tires and has a tendancy to harden the rubber. This is done during practice sessions prior to a race.
Using feet on the tires to maintain speed, brake, or stall the bike.
Dragging of tracklayer's feet to leave a very concentrated scent. (Ganz & Boyd)
Scratches or marring of the finish, due primarily to foot traffic, which appears dull as compared to unscuffed areas.
Marring of shingle; occurs when impact loosens or removes granules