Definitions for "IMD"
lnterrnodulation Distortion (in nonlinear system).
Inter-Modulation Distortion
Intermodulation Distortion. An audio distortion which results when two or more different frequencies are combined within a nonlinear system. The output will then contain not only harmonics of the original frequencies, but also components at sum and difference frequencies that typically aren't harmonics of either input.
India Meteorological Department
India Millennium Deposit
Indian Meteorological Department- the official agency of the Government of India that looks after all weather and meteorological works and researches in India. Website :-
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Insurance Marketing Dialer
International Institute for Management Development
Institution for Mental Disease
Institutions For Mental Disease
Index of Multiple Deprivation. An official measure used by the government to target regeneration policies to the most deprived areas
Inherited metabolic disorders
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Information Management Directorate