Definitions for "Headroom"
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The extra space above one's head so that there will not be a problem walking around. The extra signal room in an electronic circuit to prevent slight over levels from being clipped and distorted.
Also referred to as Dynamic Headroom. An amplifier's ability to go beyond its rated average power for a short time in order to recreate loud or explosive audio signals that rise very quickly.
Level between average signal levels and maximum peaks without clipping.
A measurement from the top of the door opening upward to the lowest building obstruction on the inside of the header wall. Use this measurement for vertical clearance all the way back to the end of the horizontal track. (Commercial door application)
Amount of clear unobstructed space above the door lintel or header.
The vertical distance from the lowest point of the ceiling or soffit directly above the stair to the nose of the stair Most code require 6' -8", (80 in), (2.03 m), (203 cm)
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The amount by which a cable ACR exceeds 10 dB. The TIA/EIA-568-A standard states a minimum of 10 dB of ACR is required for Category 5 certification.
The amount by which a network cable ACR exceeds 10dB above the specification.
The amount by which a cable ACR exceeds the specified requirements. The TIA/EIA 568B standard specifies a minimum of 10 dB of ACR for Category 5e certification at 100 MHz.
Headroom is the first proper album by indie rock musician Bleu. It was released on Lunch Records in 2000, and led to his winning of the WBCN Rock and Roll Rumble in 2001.
Hedroom were a British ska punk band with funk, rock, hip-hop and metal influences. They are most famous for their single Morning Wood, a song about masturbation. Hailing from Thame and Chinnor in Oxfordshire, the band originally formed in 1999, then consisting of guitarist Alex Camp and drummer Chris Pethers who had been playing music together since the age of eight, and Alex's school friend Ben Beames, who, despite the fact that he initially played guitar, made the switch to bass in order to join the band as bassists were few and far between.
vertical space available to allow easy passage under something
In composition, the space between a subjects head and the upper boundary of the frame.
Space between the top of the subject and a monitor's upper screen edge. Leaving space for "headroom" is common practice.
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See Headway, 2.
A component's ability to perform above the normal maximum for short periods of time.
A term that expressed the relative difference between the operating and maximum operating points of an audio device.
The customer specific default UDC commodity charge. It serves as the "maximum, economically feasible, commodity rate a third party supplier would charge said customer".
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Used in conjunction with series pass regulators, and is the difference between the input and output voltages.
This equates to the difference between a CREST member’s cap (see Cap), i.e. the credit they have available and the net CMA balance (see CMA), i.e. the cash movements from that day’s activities.
Schachtkopf: Part of the well between the highest landing served by the car and the ceiling of the well.
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a term referring to the overall height of the grow room, as it is often crucial. The more the better.
the ability of a circuit to have an extra reserve of capacity for use when needed