Definitions for "Pergola"
Lit., an arbor or bower;
An arbor or trellis treated architecturally, as with stone columns or similar massive structure.
is a garden feature forming a shaded walk or passageway of pillars that support cross beams and a sturdy open lattice, upon which woody vines are trained.
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Pergola is the second studio album by Johan, released in 2001, five years after their debut album Johan. Both albums were released on the record label Excelsior Recordings. The album was well received by the press.
a three star hotel situated between the Via Salaria and the Via Nomentana and with its comfort and convenient location meets the needs of every guest
a wonderful addition and is an ideal open cover to complement any deck or patio area outside your home
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a series of arches
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a great addition to any home
a great way to provide
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a difficult thing to create designs for
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a covered structure that takes you to a place