Definitions for "Extra"
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A run, as from a bye, credited to the general score but not made from a hit.
added to a regular schedule; "a special holiday flight"; "put on special buses for the big game"
runs added for bowling mistakes.
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A performer that has no lines to say. Usually in the background, but might have a more prominent place in the scene.
a minor actor in crowd scenes
an actor who plays a small part in a movie scene
Beyond what is due, usual, expected, or necessary; additional; supernumerary; also, extraordinarily good; superior; as, extra work; extra pay.
Something in addition to what is due, expected, or customary; esp., an added charge or fee, or something for which an additional charge is made; as, at some hotels air conditioning is an extra.
Something of an extra quality or grade.
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An edition of a newspaper issued at a time other than the regular one.
Special edition to Part I or Part II that is published on any date other than the publication date of the part in question in order to respect legal requirements.
an additional edition of a newspaper (usually to report a crisis)
Extra is the name of the second sugarfree gum launched by Wrigley's in the United States and was introduced in 1984 (the first being Orbit in 1977). It became one of the most popular brands of gum within a few years. It is available in at least nine flavors, including: Peppermint, Spearmint, Classic Bubble, Cinnamon, Winterfresh, Polar Ice, Wildberry Frost, Cool Watermelon, and Cool Green Apple.
a Diceless character, generally without any Traits, who occupies a very minor role in the Issue. Usually doesn¹t even have a name.
A character controlled by the Director, who has no hand of cards. Basically, the unnamed hordes of faceless thugs or minions of a master villain, or any character that does not have an important part in the Movie.
any puzzle in The Enigma besides flats, forms, and crypts. One of the four major classes of puzzles in The Enigma. Cryptic crosswords and forms, anaquotes and piecemeals are the most common extras.
unusually or exceptionally; "an extra fast car"
A term used to describe a volume with either a lavish binding or an exceptionally large collection of plates.
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Extra is an entertainment television news program covering events and celebrities which debuted on September 5, 1994 in syndication. It is produced in a studio in Glendale, California by a Time Warner subsidiary. Extra also had a spinoff show called Celebrity Justice, which ran for only three seasons from 2002-2005.
(A) A term used to describe faces of the dead which mysteriously appear on photographs. (B) A term used to describe either willing or unwitting assistants who facilitate trickery in perpetuating a hoax.
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calvados with a minimum age of six years of oak ageing.
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The type attribute “Extra” indicated to the decoder some aspect of the data represented by the tag that both the encoder and decoder agree, its form is “ex='attr'” where “attr” is known to both encoder and decoder.
An alternative name for the prime partial, most often used by Whitechapel.
Any extra train that is not shown on schedules. It operates on train orders.
A train not shown or authorized on published schedules; operates on train orders.
a program just over two minutes long that will be aired in the greater Washington, D
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In sailing, an extra is a sail that is not part of the working sail plan.
a subscriber funded industrial and legal accountability service
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see XO.