Definitions for "Adobe Type Manager"
Keywords:  postscript, atm, fonts, deluxe, jagged
A program that improves your screen display by imaging fonts directly from their Type 1 PostScript language font files. ATM is recommended for Windows 98 and ME. Not required in Windows 2000 and XP since both Windows 2000 and Windows XP have built-in support to Type 1 fonts.
Adobe Type Manager (or ATM) is a font utility published by Adobe that allows your computer to use PostScript fonts. There are two versions of ATM, lite (regular) and deluxe. Both versions rasterize the PostScript fonts so that you can view and print them, but the deluxe version acts as a font management utility so you can organize your fonts for easy use. Download your own copy of ATM Light for free by choosing the version appropriate for your operating system below. ATM Light 4.61 for Mac ATM Light 4.1 for Windows 95/98/ME/NT4* * Windows 2000 natively supports PostScript and thus does not require ATM. Visit to purchase ATM Deluxe.
Application that ensures accurate screen representations of Postscript fonts.