Definitions for "TTF"
True Type Font. An outline font format developed in 1991 by Apple as an alternative to PostScript fonts. You can scale or size the type to almost any point size.
True Type font Windows and OS/2
The rue ype ont format is used for storing vector fonts. It originated on Macintoshes and WinTel boxes and can be made to work on many other systems as well. Unfortunately there are two slightly different Truetype formats in use; modern Macintoshes can use either, WinTel boxes are restricted to the WinTel type, and other systems can sometimes use either but will usually be restricted to one or the other. Free conversion programs exist to convert between the two.
Tanker Training Flight
Tanker Task Force
train the facilitator
Transportation Trust Fund. Accounts established by law to hold funds that are collected by government -- notably fuel taxes-- and earmarked for transportation programs and initiatives. These funds are not available for general government usage.
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Technical Translators Forum
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Trade and Technologies France
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