Definitions for "Type 1"
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A type of font designed by Adobe. These fonts are well supported by almost all linux applications, because they have been supported by the X server architecture and the PostScript standard for a long time. Postscript fonts are distributed in many different formats. Typically, a UNIX PostScript font is distributed as an afm (adobe font metric) file, and an outline file, which is usually a .pfb (printer font binary) or .pfa (printer font ascii) file. The outline file contains all the glyphs, while the metric file contains the metrics.
A type of PostScript font which see.
(T1): Vintage format. This format allows cards from every Magic set, from Alpha to the most recent. [ edit
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A granular material conforming to DoT specification, used in the lower layers of road construction; it is a mix of particles sized from 40mm to dust. When compacted it forms a solid base for roads and buildings. Type 1, which has to consist of crushed rock, slag or concrete, is the superior material and is the only one permitted for major trunk roads and motorways. Other sizes and blends are sometimes required to meet local requirements. Crusher run material from other types of crusher will meet the Type 1 and 2 BSB specifications with no further treatment (see under GSB).
Polar stratosplleric clouds that form at temperatures above the frost point.
a form of diabetes where the insulin-producing cells fail very rapidly. Previously called “juvenile-onset diabetes” because it is this type most commonly found in children. Insulin is needed to preserve life. A fatal disease before the discovery of insulin.
(n.) A UL rating given to an electronic combination lock able to withstand 20 man-hours of expert manipulation as well as other specifications as listed in UL 2058. Source: Lock Industry Standards and Training (LIST) Council
Horizontally separated dual definitions ( also see figure 4)
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Laboratory & Field Grade for Sound Level Meters
A module or segment that contains a portion of a document that is positioned within a submission using the or tags.