Definitions for "Crusher"
a mechanical device consisting of paddles and rollers that break the grape berries and extract the juice
A machine that breaks rock into smaller pieces by crushing it like a jaw or spinning it in a circular motion at high speeds.
Apparatus in which ore is broken into progressively smaller pieces. Used for reducing coal, ore or rock. It may be used for preparing the feed to grinding mills.
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aka Michael Ernst. One of the older alums of TEP that I got to meet, because he was doing a graduate degree in Computer Science at MIT when I was a freshman. He was also treasurer of the League for Programming Freedom at that time. Then he sold out, quit grad school, and went to work for Microsoft, something we still kid him about.
a device that crushes something
Crusher is a 6.5-ton autonomous off-road unmanned ground vehicle developed by researchers at the Carnegie Mellon University's National Robotics Engineering Center for DARPA.
A metallic cylinder which, when used in conjunction with a piston and associated equipment, can be used to measure cartridge pressures. Deformation is correlated with peak pressure.
Crusher were among the first bands to perform death metal in France in the early 90's. The band, based in Mulhouse, released a first rough and non original death metal album titled "Corporal Punishment" (1992), followed the year after by a much better and very promising EP with hardcore influences ("Act II : Undermine"). They split up shortly after that.
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The crusher was used to crush the soft slate into culm.
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Large, heavy claw used for crushing hard-shelled prey
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One who, or that which, crushes.