Definitions for "Bedding"
Material used to absorb moisture and provide cushion. It is easily cleaned to provide a clean, dry surface and reduce the incidence of mastitis. Possible bedding materials include: straw, sawdust, wood chips, sand, ground limestone, separated manure solids, shredded newspaper, corn stalks, bark, peanut hulls, sunflower hulls and rice hulls.
the material used in the stable for the comfort of the horse. Can be straw, shredded paper, woodshavings, peat, rubber matting
(Litière) Plant matter intended to be mixed with manure (solid or liquid).
The state or position of beds and layers.
a series of visible layers in a rock that reflect the original surfaces on which sediemnts were deposited.
Layering or stratification in sedimentary rocks.
A bed and its furniture; the materials of a bed, whether for man or beast; bedclothes; litter.
A site preparation technique, usually in wet areas, whereby a small ridge of soil is formed as an elevated planting or seedbed.
A site preparation technique whereby a small ridge of surface soil is formed to provide an elevated planting or seed bed. It is used primarily in wet areas to improve drainage and aeration for seeding.
Fitting the metal parts of rifle to a wood or plastic stock. Often uses a glass fiber - epoxy resin combination ('glass bedding').
Refers to the fit or fitting of the metal parts of the barrel and receiver with the wood stock.
How the barrel and stock are fitted together.
Commonly used as a generic term for a mattress and foundation set, but may also apply to accessory items such as blankets, sheets, pillows, comforters, mattress pads, etc.
A general term to describe all the sheets, pillows, comforters, etc. used on a bed.
Bedding refers to the materials laid above the mattress of a bed for warmth. Bedding excludes the mattress, box spring and bed frame. Down materials are often used for warmth in bedding.
a) Bedding places. Those planes in a wall formed by the horizontal joints between the bedding faces of the units. b) Face Shell Bedding. Where mortar is placed only on face shells of hollow masonry units. c) Full bedding. Where mortar is placed on the whole of the bedding faces of the units.
A prepared base for masonry or concrete.
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