Definitions for "Conventional tillage"
Keywords:  tillage, plow, bury, crop, residue
Tillage operations that are traditionally considered standard for a specific location and crop and that tend to bury the crop residues. Conventional tillage is becoming less and less “conventional,” though, as more farmers switch to other intensive tillage systems. In 2002, less than 41 percent of the nation’s crop acres were conventionally tilled.
Those primary and secondary tillage operations that are considered standard for the specific location and crop.
Full width tillage that disturbs the entire soil surface and is performed prior to and/or during planting. There is less than 15 percent residue cover after planting, or less than 500 pounds per acre of small grain residue equivalent throughout the critical wind erosion period. Generally involves plowing or intensive (numerous) tillage trips. Weed control is accomplished with crop protection products and/or row cultivation.