Definitions for "Fitted"
A narrow sleeve from shoulder to wrist
A sleeve without fullness. When it's long, it often extends to a point at your hand.
A type of nappy that generally has elasticated legs and back, with built-in fasteners such as Velcro. These nappies require a separate waterproof cover
Refers to a fit that conforms to your body. Not as loose as a casual or relaxed fit.
A fitted T shirt is one which has a tighter, body hugging fit.
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A shaped fit both feminine and sleek enough to be worn under a jacket.
See 'Shaped'.
Keywords:  groomed, steer, fed, properly, trained
What you call a show animal that is properly fed, trained, and groomed. That steer is fitted well.
Permanently installed, e.g., fitted carpets (wall to wall), fitted cabinets (attached to wall)
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Very close to the arm, no excess material.