Definitions for "Quartzite"
Massive quartz occurring as a rock; a metamorphosed sandstone; -- called also quartz rock.
Quartz sandstone recrystallized by metamorphism. Heat and pressure fuse quartz grains together to form a dense, fine, medium, or large grained sugar textured rock.
a hard rock made entirely of quartz. Rabies: An acute viral disease that affects the nervous system of warm-blooded animals. Rabies is usually transmitted by the bite of an already rabid animal. Symptoms include drooling, and abnormal behavior, like staggering or wandering in circles. The disease is fatal if it reaches the branch.
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(Noun) Super hard, pink stone, used in the construction of buildings and streets in the late 1800s
Natural stone with appearance like slate but showing more crystalline structure. Can be porous.