Definitions for "Western"
Of or pertaining to the west; situated in the west, or in the region nearly in the direction of west; being in that quarter where the sun sets; as, the western shore of France; the western ocean.
relating to or characteristic of regions of western parts of the world; "the Western Hemisphere"; "Western Europe"; "the Western Roman Empire"
of or characteristic of regions of the United States west of the Mississippi River; "a Western ranch"
a mystery set on a horse, set in the West
A movie set in the "Wild West" of the pre-civil war United States.
based on the look worn by American cowboys, such as tight jeans, a button-up shirt, high-heeled boots etc.
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A way of holding your tennis racket in order to help you hit Topspin Forehand shots.
Keywords:  omelet, sandwich
a sandwich made from a western omelet
Keywords:  lying, situated, office, company
lying in or toward the west
lying toward or situated in the west; "our company's western office"
Keywords:  attire, tack, riding, referring
Referring to riding with Western tack and attire.
Keywords:  breeze, ship, course, coming, moving
Moving toward the west; as, a ship makes a western course; coming from the west; as, a western breeze.
a film about life in the western United States during the period of exploration and development
Keywords:  wind
of wind; from the west