Definitions for "Bahia"
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A Brazilian blend of coffee and grain spirit.
A state on the central east coast of Brazil. Has a renowned celebration for Carnaval with a style distinct from the ostentatious parades in Rio.
A province in eastern Brazil that gives its name to a hybrid of the forastero cacao bean. Bahia beans have a strong flavor and are usually blended with other beans.
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an enclosed development of apartments located near two of the most beautiful beaches of the Costa del Sol
an enclosed resort above two of the Costa del Sol's most beautiful beaches and set amongst beautiful vegetation and leafy trees
a small new enclosed housing development with electronic security gates set well back from the main road
Bahia is a small genus of about 12 species of perennial flowering plants in the family Asteraceae. The common name is also Bahia.
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Large, thick-skinned eating orange, no seeds.