Definitions for "Zulu"
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Any member of the tribe of Zulus; a Zulu-Kaffir. See Zulus.
One of the most important members of the South African, or Bantu, family of languages, spoken partly in Natal and partly in Zululand, but understood, and more or less in use, over a wide territory, at least as far north as the Zambezi; -- called also Zulu-Kaffir.
a member of the tall Negroid people of southeast Africa living in northern Natal
Zulu is a 1964 film depicting the Battle of Rorke's Drift between the British Army and the Army of the Zulus. The film was directed by Cy Endfield and starred Stanley Baker, Jack Hawkins and Michael Caine (in his first starring role). The film has sometimes been compared to a Western movie, with the traditional roles of the United States and Native Americans taken by the British and the Zulus respectively.
ZULU, (born Dominic Rowland, 14 Nov. 1975) Panamanian Dancehall Reggae Singer
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a dog not a bitch
a word used in spoken communications to represent the letter Z.
military phonetic for the letter 'Z'