Definitions for "Bantu"
Keywords:  africa, niger, saharan, congo, zulu
A member of one of the great family of Negroid tribes occupying equatorial and southern Africa. These tribes include, as important divisions, the Kafirs, Damaras, Bechuanas, and many tribes whose names begin with Aba-, Ama-, Ba-, Ma-, Wa-, variants of the Bantu plural personal prefix Aba-, as in Ba-ntu, or Aba-ntu, itself a combination of this prefix with the syllable -ntu, a person; or as in Watusi.
the family of languages spoken by the Bantu people (definition 1).
Of or pertaining to the Bantu language group Bantu (definition 2); as, Bantu languages.
The sound of Fufu! that is how the Afropean musician Adé Bantu pointedly describes his mix of pumping beats, funky instrumentals and lyrics with a political message that can rock any party without sounding forced or admonishing.