Definitions for "Adobe acrobat"
Keywords:  pdf, acrobat, portable, reader, fonts
Acrobat is a program created by Adobe Systems, Inc., that reads, decodes and converts documents to a Portable Document Format (PDF). This allows graphics and type to be displayed and printed from any computer utilizing any platform (Macintosh,Windows, DOS, or UNIX) - regardless of the fonts or software programs used to create the original.
Software for Portable Document Format (PDF) files that allows the reader to view and print a document as originally designed without having to install the particular program or fonts used to create the file. Software for viewing PDF files is Acrobat Reader, and software for altering published PDF files is Acrobat Distiller, both created by Adobe Systems.
A widely available software program that is used to convert a document into what is called a portable document file or PDF file. This converted document is independent of the application software, fonts, hardware, and operating system used to create it. Therefore it can be viewed, printed, and transferred across multiple computer platforms with all the original attributes (fonts, pictures, layout) preserved and intact.