Definitions for "deluxe"
impressively expensive; notably exceeding typical price or quality.
especially elegant and sumptuous; of the highest quality; as, a deluxe car; deluxe accommodations.
An outstanding property offering many of the same features as Luxury. May be less grand and offer more reasonable rates than Luxury properties, but in many instances may be just as satisfactory.
a lot like the "desperation candy" that sits in your pantry
Denotes any large-size action figure or one that arrives packaged with extra accesories. It's mostly a buzzword used to make you think your getting more bang for your buck.
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Deluxe is an album by Better Than Ezra. It was released twice by two labels: the original version in 1993 by Swell Records and the 1995 version by Elektra Records. This is the band's best known album for their biggest single "Good."
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a symphony of taste and health
a considerable benefit over the Light Basic for seated use
a solution that gives you the control of what information is presented to your potential clients