Definitions for "LNS"
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Abbreviation for Lines, "#LNS" is the number of lines
L2TP network server. A termination point for L2TP tunnels, and an access point where PPP frames are processed and passed to higher-layer protocols. An LNS can operate on any platform that terminates PPP. The LNS handles the server side of the L2TP protocol. L2TP relies only on the single medium over which L2TP tunnels arrive. The LNS initiates outgoing calls and receives incoming calls. An LNS is analogous to a home gateway in L2F technology.
L2TP Network Server. An LNS operates on any platform capable of PPP termination. The LNS handles the server side of the L2TP protocol. Since L2TP relies only on the single media over which L2TP tunnels arrive, the LNS may have only a single LAN or WAN interface, yet still be able to terminate calls arriving at any LAC's full range of PPP interfaces (async, synchronous ISDN, V.120, etc.).
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