Definitions for "Canker"
Keywords:  sunken, necrotic, cambium, bark, woody
A disease incident to trees, causing the bark to rot and fall off.
An obstinate and often incurable disease of a horse's foot, characterized by separation of the horny portion and the development of fungoid growths; -- usually resulting from neglected thrush.
Cankers are the evidence of certain kinds fungal and bacterial diseases. Cankers are most common on woody plant material. They appear as sickly, abnormal areas on a cane or branch's surface, sometimes seeming as though the branch is rotting from within and other times seeming as a swollen abscess that may crack open. Bacterial cankers attack some berries and tomatoes. Fungal cankers attack a wide range of plants, including landscape and fruiting trees, roses, and shrubs.
Keywords:  corrode, ulcer, corrupt, sore, cancrum
A corroding or sloughing ulcer; esp. a spreading gangrenous ulcer or collection of ulcers in or about the mouth; -- called also water canker, canker of the mouth, and noma.
Anything which corrodes, corrupts, or destroy.
To affect as a canker; to eat away; to corrode; to consume.
Chronic overgrowth of the horn-producing tissues of the foot, occurring most commonly in horses housed under unsanitary conditions.
Softening of the horn of the foot, generally starting in the frog.
A term used to describe the inflammation of the external ear canal.
A lay term which used to be used for inflammation of the ear (otitis externa).
Keywords:  worthless, wild, rose, dog, kind
A kind of wild, worthless rose; the dog-rose.
Keywords:  rusty, oxidized, waste, grow, mineral
To waste away, grow rusty, or be oxidized, as a mineral.
Keywords:  infect
become infected with a canker
infect with a canker