Definitions for "OLDER AMERICANS ACT"
(OAA): Legislation designed to ensure full participation for older Americans in all aspects of society. Defines ten objectives, or rights for older persons, creates AoA, authorizes a variety of social and nutrition programs, provides for the development and implementation of training, research and multidisciplinary gerontology centers, promotes community service employment opportunities for older Americans, and authorizes grants to tribal organizations for social and nutritional services. Amended every three years.
Law enacted in 1965 (PL 89-73) that gives elderly citizens more opportunity to participate in and receive the benefits of modern society. For example, adequate housing, income, employment, nutrition and health care.
Federal law first passed in 1965. The act established a network of services and programs for older people. This network provides supportive services, including transportation and nutrition services, and works with public and private agencies that serve the needs of older individuals.