Definitions for "OAA"
Older American Act
Older Americans Act. Federal law first passed in 1965. The act established a network of services and programs for older people. This network provides supportive services, including transportation and nutrition services, and works with public and private agencies that serve the needs of older individuals.
Older Americans Act, PL 95-478, as amended.
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Office of Assessment & Assurance (Part of the LBL EH&S Division, headed by Don Bell, oversees the Lab Self-Assessment program.)
Office of the Appeals Advisors
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Osaka Action Agenda
Operational Airworthiness Authority
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Outdoor Adventure Activity
Ongoing Administration Award This is for actual net additional recurring costs such as agency fees and overtime.
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Orbiter Access Arm
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Old Age Assistance, a form of public assistance. See Public Assistance. (G)