Definitions for "Vesting"
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The process by which an employee is granted full ownership of conferred rights such as stock options and warrants (which then become vested rights). Rights which have not yet been vested (unvested rights) may not be sold or traded and can be forfeited.
A participant's interest in his/her account balance or his/her accumulated benefit.
Those who serve at the alter are regularly vested (dressed) in either cassock and surplice, alb and cincture, or cassock-alb. Vesting is the action of "putting on" this clothing.
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Denotes the manner in which title is held. Examples of common vestings are: Community Property, Joint Tenancy and Tenancy in Common.
The names, status and manner in which title of ownership to a particular piece of land is held; also that section of a title report, commitment, or policy setting forth the above.
The manner in which the owner or real property holds title. For example, John Jones, a single man.
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W-9 Form withholding
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Name(s) in which title to a property is held.
How a property is held; official recording of the parties names that have an interest in the subject property.
Vesting Schedule Veterans Administration (VA) mortgage
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Cloth for vests; a vest pattern.